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allowfullscreen has no effect

Posted by Ferdinand Michels on 2020-01-10 14:19:54


A friend is having problems implementing his Bitchute-videos in his website. The videos cant be played in full screen mode. I tried to help, tried several things but nothing worked.

Here is an example from his website (in HTML 5): *ttps://

And here is what i tried:

1. Adding the attributes „allowfullscreen“, „mozallowfullscreen“ and „webkitallowfullscreen“ to the iframe. Result: none.
2. Changing the class of the video from: „plyr plyr--full-ui plyr--video plyr--html5 plyr--paused plyr--stopped plyr--pip-supported plyr__poster-enabled“ to the same as bitchute: „plyr plyr--full-ui plyr--video plyr--html5 plyr--pip-supported plyr--fullscreen-enabled plyr__poster-enabled plyr—paused“. Result: the full screen button started being showed but didnt work.
3. Changing the source of the iframe from: *ttps://, which interestingly also cant play in full screen, to: *ttps://, which indeed has a full screen button. Result: the player worked in the site but the full screen button stopped working.

Is any solution known?

Thanks in advance!
Ferdinand Michels

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